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Summer Holiday Home Design Tips: Make Your Dream a Reality

Feb 4

As the weather heats up, and the year comes to a close, there’s nothing like escaping to a holiday house for a summer break. 

While Airbnb and other platforms are a great place to find rentals (including our Rye Project) there is nothing like the freedom and flexibility of having a summer holiday house of your very own. 

If you’re considering building a holiday house, a modular home is a fantastic option. So to provide you with some ideas and inspiration to create your own private getaway, in this article we share our top tips.


Bright and breezy colours


 Patonga beach project

Your choice of colours in your home really does set the scene, and in a summer holiday home you want a comfortable, ambient vibe that creates the feeling of a home away from home the minute you walk in the door. The classic, vibrant whites and natural tones of our Patonga Beach home create a real sense of space and provide the perfect backdrop to long summer days and balmy nights.

If you prefer a more modern look and feel, why not add contrasting darker colours to your kitchen, furniture, or even a feature wall, as seen in our Rye project. By adding subtle touches and accent features, you can balance the relaxed vibe with a stylish finish.

Flexibility to gather and chill


Buxton project

The best holiday homes offer guests plenty of room to gather together, while also providing privacy and comfortable spaces for relaxing and unwinding too. This can be achieved through the inclusion of a large central living space with room to cook, eat, chat and get comfy on the couch, as our Buxton project so effortlessly achieves. Where possible, a second living room is a fantastic addition for families as it can double as a games room for the kids.


Metung project

An easy flow between outdoors and in creates more options for chill time, as seen in our Metung project, where guests can easily spread out along the spacious deck, or inside in the living room, enjoying the peace, tranquillity and amazing water views.

Outdoor space is a must


North Arm Cove project

No summer holiday home would be complete without a comfortable outdoor entertaining zone to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful surroundings! Our North Arm Cove project has nailed this, with an elevated deck that includes a comfortable undercover area for all seasons, and open air space for enjoying the sun and amazing views to boot.


Grantville project

Another example of an amazing outdoor space can be seen in this stunning home we built in Grantville, where the expansive deck looks like the perfect place for a summer barbie and fun with family and friends.

Location you love


Metung project

While there’s no doubt the right design is important when building a holiday home, finding the right location is also a must. Whether you opt for a much-loved place you have frequented over the years, or choose to create new memories in a picturesque spot that ticks all your boxes, taking the time to research and find your ideal spot will ensure you have amazing times for many years to come.

Make your dream a reality

If you’ve always dreamed of building your own holiday home, talk to our friendly team today about the possibilities. We’d love to help you make it happen!