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Jan 25

Car suspension systems are designed to minimize friction between the road and the car's tires.

The suspension system of a car is composed of several components. Over time, the suspension system can become damaged.

There are many indicators that your suspension system is in need of repair at a colorado springs auto shop.

1. Problems in wheel alignment

Your car's wheels should point in the correct direction. If they do not, your steering wheel will not point in the right direction when you are driving straight. This can cause increased tire wear.

2. Excessive bumps

Shock absorbers have fluids that reduce bounce and keep tires on the road. A worn-out leaf spring can cause excessive bumps.

You may hear a clicking sound when driving on bumpy roads. It's best to have the strut assembly checked.

3. Vehicle tilted towards one side

Springs are an integral part of a car’s suspension system. They hold the vehicle's weight and cause it to tilt one way or the other when it bumps into something. It is possible to have difficulty steering. The shock adds weight and lowers the sitting height.

4. Ball Joints

These pivot points link the suspension to the wheels, and absorb some shocks in an up movement. They rotate when the steering angle changes.

A mechanic at a suspension shop will be able to tell if the ball joints need replacement by watching the wheel movement and wearing indicators.

5. Brake Problem

If you notice that your brakes don't work properly, this could be caused by a problem in the brake pads. The steering wheel should be replaced separately.

6. Control Arms Problem

Control arms are hinges that attach wheels to frames and connect to the steering. Bushings for the lower control arms are crucial components of the suspension system and should be replaced or checked regularly.

7. Bushings

Bushings and other metal parts absorb shock. Tires can wear down if they are not properly lubricated.

Last Thoughts

Vehicle operation is incomplete without the suspension system. It is essential to maintain a smooth and bump-free ride.

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